So what's this all about anyway?

Lady Guns Global is an inclusive platform for women to celebrate each other, encouraging the truth that every woman from across the globe, working in a variety of fields, with diverse backgrounds and experiences is powerful in her own way and influences those around her.

This is a space to share with the world the amazing things that women are doing every single day, to show the power we have to change the world and talk about the things we're doing to make those changes happen. This is where bragging is not only encouraged, but required. It's not a place to stay quiet, but one where your voice, and the voices of your fellow lady guns, will be amplified!

Lady Guns Global was launched on International Women's Day 2015 by Raydene Salinas, with the support of more than 30 of the lady guns in her life.

Definition: lady gun | ˈlādē gən | (noun, informal): an important or powerful woman who has inspired another, with or without knowing that she has : My mother has been a lady gun since before I was born.


Praise for Lady Guns Global

"This kind of community was clearly so needed. It feels so comforting to be surrounded by strong and beautiful women and to know that our generation is supporting and celebrating each other in new and true ways. It makes my heart full to think that when I am old and gray, I'll be lifted up by a family of choice of interesting, diverse, beautiful women who I met along the way." - Cortney Ahern

"Your blog is very necessary and it truly oozes positivity and love. I love the name and am a firm believer of building up women and not competing against other women." - Amhalise Morgan

"I absolutely LOVE this - I always believed that women should celebrate each other more.  Well done, you!! What an extraordinary way for women to encourage and support other women." - Dana Ferguson

"I am so honored to be included. Seriously! Amazing project." - Mallika Rao

"I love that you nailed down a name for this phenomenon and feel blessed to be considered one!" - Sarah Teeple

"Lady Guns Global is a great resource for inspiration, wisdom, a strong feminine perspective, and learning about the wide range of industries and endeavors that women are involved in." - Eva Deitch

"I greatly admire what you have created: women supporting women to step into their power by owning what they do and what visions they hold dear. The paradigm is shifting and women are stepping into their right as lease holders to their power. No longer in the hands of the patriarchy!" - Maria Cutrona

"I commend you for what you're doing here. Women empowerment is essential, as there are still many inequalities we are fighting and I think what you're doing is a big part of that movement! I'll definitely be spreading the word!" - Dr. Yon Chong

"I love the idea of celebrating women who inspire us.  It was such a treat to think about the folks who deserve to be honored, pick one and write about her." - Shana Ross

"Love what you are doing, thrilled to be a part of it!" - Micah Clasper-Torch

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