Global Brand Manager of Women’s Training at Nike Inc.

"I manage our Global NTC Trainers Network, as well as support our Brand Teams that create content for the NTC App and all other aspects of performance for Nike Women. Even though my job takes up quite a bit of my time, I feel so incredibly fortunate to be inspired on a daily basis by girls around the world who push their personal limits through fitness. Whether I am in China or Panama, there is something universal about sore muscles and giving each other a high five that never fails to make me smile."

WHAT SHE DOES FOR LOVE: "Exploring new workouts with friends and horseback riding are probably two of my favorite things. I have recently started horseback riding again, and I forgot how much I love it. It pushes me to be a little bit uncomfortable, while at the same time makes me relax in a way that is hard to do these days."

HER STYLE: "Jackets. I love a good jacket. I am actually a little bit sad about the fact that Portland has been so warm this winter because I haven’t been able to make full use of my jacket collection. Another odd quirk is that even though I work for Nike, I love wearing my running shoes until they are beat into the ground. I often get sidelong glances in the gym at my feet because I think other employees are wondering why I don’t just go get a new pair of shoes."

HER 2015 GOALS: "Personal: learn how to say no to things. Professional: take a nutrition course. Fun one: learn how to date (I am terrible at it)! "

A LADY SHE ADMIRES: "My manager, Geralyn Coopersmith, is someone that I really look up to. She is the Global Director of Performance and Fitness at Nike. She is an incredibly intelligent and fun woman, that has encouraged me to continue to challenge myself to grow and develop in my career, while also knowing when it’s time to kick your heels up and have a glass of wine."

Photo: Courtesy Alicia Jenkins

Photo: Courtesy Alicia Jenkins