Lady Guns Global Launch

Today is the day! The official launch of Lady Guns, fittingly on International Women's Day (March 8) 2015.

Lady Guns is a new platform, recognizing talented, driven women from across the globe, working in a variety of fields with diverse backgrounds and experiences. It was launched by me, Raydene Salinas, with the support of more than 30 of the Lady Guns in my life.

This idea had been brewing for a long time before today's launch; with no name, platform or fully formed ideas of any kind, just the want to recognize the women in my life. I knew that the ladies in my life were talented, powerful, kind, and humble individuals, but nothing could have prepared me for some of the responses I got to very standard questions.

"What do you do for love?" and "Who is a lady you admire/consider a mentor?" were the two questions which the responses floored me. In some cases, I felt like I didn't know the woman who I've known for years, thinking, "How could you not tell me that you volunteer regularly at a home for mentally disabled or orphaned children? You should shout that from the rooftops. But not to worry, I WILL!" After hearing numerous other examples like this one, I knew that this was exactly what I needed to be doing.

So, here you are world, the first group of Lady Guns who deserve your applause! Please show your support for the lady guns in your life and nominate them to be featured on our site.

Annji Mandersheid, Emily Shornick, Abbie Klenzman, Julee Wilson Wareham, Angela Denae

Annji Mandersheid, Emily Shornick, Abbie Klenzman, Julee Wilson Wareham, Angela Denae

Other info you should know:

Definition: lady gun | ˈlādē gən | (noun, informal): an important or powerful woman who has inspired another, with or without knowing that she has : My mother has been a lady gun since before I was born.

Photo: Eric T. White

Photo: Eric T. White

Share with us the women you want to recognize as lady guns and we'll work with you to feature them on our site. Find Lady Guns Global all over social media and email us with nominations and questions at ladygunsglobal[at] We look forward to hear from you soon!

Show us your #LadyGuns!

Raydene Salinas, Founder