An Inspiring First Week

This is a thank you note to YOU. It's been just over a week since Lady Guns Global launched and we have read about 12 incredible women, all with inspiring things to say about their lives, careers and those they admire.

Nominations have come in from current lady guns and those who found Lady Guns Global on their own. I know that I've created this space for a reason when I get an email signed, "Thanks for letting me voice how much I appreciate [my friend.]" I can't wait to read more of your nominations -- they make my heart soar!

@LadyGunsGlobal social following is growing and there's been such amazing feedback all around. Please continue to follow @ladyguns on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for updates on the newest lady guns.

Let Lady Guns Global help you recognize the women in your life by sending over an email or using the Nominate! page. Thank you for all of your support so far. Here's to growing together and inspiring one another!

Show us your #LadyGuns!

Raydene Salinas, Founder