Day of Trust 2015

Travel + Trust & Wanderlust, an online community that empowers women to travel solo, has created a social campaign to celebrate just that: solo travel. TT&W's founder, Jen Heuett, reached out to Lady Guns Global to tell us more about the Day of Trust campaign and encourage us to pledge. (Spoiler alert: we did.)

The Day of Trust (the first Saturday in October -- this year, it's October 3) is a day to participate in solo travel and empower ourselves to experience something new on our own! This is a time to take part in a positive movement, to celebrate ourselves, and trust that we are enough, for whatever the adventure might be. Through these solo experiences in new destinations (be it a different city or country, a new path through a familiar forest, or a brand new coffee shop around the corner) comes new appreciation, love and empowerment that we might not have found otherwise. Traveling helps us find new perspective, new motivation, and sometimes new purpose.

Photo: Courtesy  TT&W

Photo: Courtesy TT&W

My inspiration behind TT&W came from a road trip from Portland, Oregon to North Idaho back in April. For those six-and-a-half hours I had an in-depth conversation with myself. I noticed how comfortable I was just getting in my car and going. I remember thinking, ‘there are women out there who would never road trip solo.’ I kept rummaging through my head thinking of ways that I could use my 12 years of traveling to motivate others to get out and go solo. I thought about Travel + Trust & Wanderlust during the entire trip and when I got back to Portland, I registered my business.
— Jen Heuett
The Grove-Fillmore | Photo: Courtesy  TT&W

The Grove-Fillmore | Photo: Courtesy TT&W

Jen Heuett | Photo:  Aaron Wessling

Jen Heuett | Photo: Aaron Wessling

This Saturday, join hundreds of women in celebration of ourselves by taking a day (or an hour or five minutes) to go solo. To pledge and learn more about the campaign, visit the site here.

We’re participating and going solo this Saturday. Will you?

Be sure to connect with @traveltrustwanderlust on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and tag photos and videos of your solo experiences with #dayoftrust2015.