Women Across The Internet: Week 2

Women Across The Internet is a weekly compilation of what (and who) you should know about on the interwebs. Each week we'll gather six stories and/or sites that you should be sure to check out immediately (or Pocket for your lunch break). Get to know the women involved and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Midweek Motivation: 3 Women Who Are Changing the World by Rachel Brown | Darling 

12 Badass Women Whom History Forgot by Taylor Pittman | The Huffington Post

Free Tampons Are Coming to 25 NYC Public Schools by Emma Whitford | Gothamist

•  27 Hot New Body Insecurities for Spring by Jamie Lauren Keiles | The Cut

Meet Two Women Bringing Latin American Designers to the US Fashion Scene by Amelia Diamond | Man Repeller

Why America's Most Powerful CEOs Are Also The Coolest | Career Contessa

Women Across The Internet: Week 1

Women Across The Internet is a weekly compilation of what (and who) you should know about on the interwebs. Each week we'll gather six stories and/or sites that you should be sure to check out immediately (or Pocket for your lunch break). Get to know the women involved and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

• This is How March Became Women's History Month by Julia Zorthian | TIME

• 'We Can't Sit on The Sidelines': The Trans Woman Running for Legislature by Diana Tourjee | Broadly.

• Meet the Founder of Un-ruly: A Place for Black Hair and Women by Amelia Diamond | Man Repeller

One Woman Leads A Movement of Peace and Forgiveness in Rwanda by Sheeva Sairafi | Conscious Magazine

Mara Ferreira of M Loves M Could Have Been Your Lawyer | Create & Cultivate

Girls at Library Interviews

Day of Trust 2015

Travel + Trust & Wanderlust, an online community that empowers women to travel solo, has created a social campaign to celebrate just that: solo travel. TT&W's founder, Jen Heuett, reached out to Lady Guns Global to tell us more about the Day of Trust campaign and encourage us to pledge. (Spoiler alert: we did.)

The Day of Trust (the first Saturday in October -- this year, it's October 3) is a day to participate in solo travel and empower ourselves to experience something new on our own! This is a time to take part in a positive movement, to celebrate ourselves, and trust that we are enough, for whatever the adventure might be. Through these solo experiences in new destinations (be it a different city or country, a new path through a familiar forest, or a brand new coffee shop around the corner) comes new appreciation, love and empowerment that we might not have found otherwise. Traveling helps us find new perspective, new motivation, and sometimes new purpose.

Photo: Courtesy  TT&W

Photo: Courtesy TT&W

My inspiration behind TT&W came from a road trip from Portland, Oregon to North Idaho back in April. For those six-and-a-half hours I had an in-depth conversation with myself. I noticed how comfortable I was just getting in my car and going. I remember thinking, ‘there are women out there who would never road trip solo.’ I kept rummaging through my head thinking of ways that I could use my 12 years of traveling to motivate others to get out and go solo. I thought about Travel + Trust & Wanderlust during the entire trip and when I got back to Portland, I registered my business.
— Jen Heuett
The Grove-Fillmore | Photo: Courtesy  TT&W

The Grove-Fillmore | Photo: Courtesy TT&W

Jen Heuett | Photo:  Aaron Wessling

Jen Heuett | Photo: Aaron Wessling

This Saturday, join hundreds of women in celebration of ourselves by taking a day (or an hour or five minutes) to go solo. To pledge and learn more about the campaign, visit the site here.

We’re participating and going solo this Saturday. Will you?

Be sure to connect with @traveltrustwanderlust on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and tag photos and videos of your solo experiences with #dayoftrust2015.

NEW stone + cloth Collection Launches TODAY

When stone + cloth approached us about the launch of their new collection -- The Summit Collection, available TODAY on Kickstarter -- we have to admit there was a moment of breathless bliss because, as you'll see, the design of the bags is stellar and the good they do with the sale of them is exemplary.

We got to chat with Matthew Clough (we know, he's not a lady, but stay with us), the founder of stone + cloth. He began the socially conscious bag company over three years ago in an effort to raise money to send children in the Kilimanjaro community in Tanzania, Africa to school and has since asked us to #carryaneducation. Each stone + cloth bag purchased donates 25 hours of classroom time to an organization called the Knock Foundation (hint: this is where the lady guns come in). Clough and his company have set a goal to donate 25,000 classroom hours to the foundation by the end of the year. And we're here to help spread the word.

About The Summit Collection:

Matthew Clough shared with us that in assessing the stone + cloth customer base, they found that women made up about 75% of it. In knowing that, he surveyed (and listened to) his lady friends, women designers and other stylish and influential ladies to find out the things they liked, the things they loved and the things they thought needed improving with the stone + cloth bags.

As Clough and his team at stone + cloth began creating The Summit Collection, they knew they wanted it to be timeless. And with that, decided to utilize only the top four fabrics from the last three years to create new designs, to ensure that their customers will enjoy the new products as much as they have enjoyed the previous products.

It's important to stone + cloth that they employ local companies in order to build and maintain close working relationships with members of their community, which is rewarding for everyone involved. The bags in the new collection range from $65-195 for a truly premium product, without the inflated retail markup.

Find your next favorite bag here and know that your purchase is helping one socially conscious company reach their goal to help a deserving (lady-founded) organization in Tanzania.

More about the Knock Foundation from Co-founder and Managing Director, Kim Krowne (we told you we'd get to the lady guns):

"Knock Foundation partners with under-served communities in developing countries to provide the access and opportunity to pursue an education, practice healthy living and exist in a clean environment. We have long-term projects in Tanzania focused primarily on education and business development, as well as medical training and equipment donation in multiple countries."

Photo: Hazel and Pine

Photo: Hazel and Pine

Photo: Hazel and Pine

Photo: Hazel and Pine

"Knock addresses some of the key issues in Kilimanjaro the hold people back from achieving their full potential: access to education and access to capital. In terms of education, Knock gives the opportunity of education to student who show high academic aptitude and leadership skills paired with significant financial need. Our provision of lunch in two large primary schools supports the education of over 850 students by helping to improve attendance as well as attentiveness in the class. Lastly, our after-school program supplements the primary school curriculum by giving students access to leadership training, confidence building exercises, and reproductive and sexual health education that aims to make them more successful and productive adults. Our Chipuka (meaning 'sprout' in Swahili) loan program gives low-income individuals, primarily women, access to capital to purchase productive assets that allow them to build small business, such as selling fresh milk."

So Much Love for No-Longer-Strangers

It's been three months since the launch of Lady Guns Global and each day I don't believe my heart can swell with any more love for a no-longer-stranger and then in comes another nomination introducing me to yet another incredible woman making a difference in the life she's chosen for herself.

In celebration, I'd like to share with you some of the lovely things from lady guns and supporters that I've heard over the last few months and encourage you to continue to live a fulfilling life, inspire others around you and recognize the women you know deserve the title "Lady Gun."

Praise for Lady Guns:

This kind of community was clearly so needed. It feels so comforting to be surrounded by strong and beautiful women and to know that our generation is supporting and celebrating each other in new and true ways. It makes my heart full to think that when I am old and gray, I’ll be lifted up by a family of choice of interesting, diverse, beautiful women who I met along the way.
— Cortney Ahern
Lady Guns Global is a great resource for inspiration, wisdom, a strong feminine perspective, and learning about the wide range of industries and endeavors that women are involved in.
— Eva Deitch
I love the idea of celebrating women who inspire us. It was such a treat to think about the folks who deserve to be honored, pick one and write about her.
— Shana Ross
I commend you for what you’re doing here. Women empowerment is essential, as there are still many inequalities we are fighting and I think what you’re doing is a big part of that movement!
— Dr. Yon Chong
Your blog is very necessary and it truly oozes positivity and love. I love the name and am a firm believer of building up women and not competing against other women.
— Amhalise Morgan
I greatly admire what you have created: women supporting women to step into their power by owning what they do and what visions they hold dear. The paradigm is shifting and women are stepping into their right as lease holders to their power. I can’t think of a more pressing time (the suffragette movement?) for women to celebrate their inseparable connection with one another and all life forms. It is necessary for the survival of our species. So right on Lady Guns Global for making this a mission.
— Maria Cutrona
I absolutely LOVE this - I always believed that women should celebrate each other more. Well done, you!! What an extraordinary way for women to encourage and support other women.
— Dana Ferguson
I love that you nailed down a name for this phenomenon and feel blessed to be considered one!
— Sarah Teeple

Thank you all for your tremendous support in this requisite time of growth. Cheers to all of the lady guns who have made this site what it is and to those of you we have yet to officially welcome to the community! I look forward to meeting you all.

Raydene Salinas, Founder

Lady Guns Is For Boys Too!

Here, at Lady Guns Global, we're all about the girl power. Hence, #ladyguns! But show us one man who has never, ever met a woman. You can't. We're pretty sure it's mathematically impossible. And that's great, because that means even more people to help us recognize incredible ladies from across the globe!

Photo: Courtesy Tiffany Huet

Photo: Courtesy Tiffany Huet

So, men, we're talking to you now. Who are the women in your life who have made an impact on you? The ones who are doing amazing things for their communities, for the world? The ones who are just the coolest and might not even know it? You know the ones -- friends, lovers, colleagues, relatives, bosses, etc. Tell us about those women.

Recognize them for the important, powerful, intelligent, supportive, badass ladies they are! They'll thank you and so will we.

An Inspiring First Week

This is a thank you note to YOU. It's been just over a week since Lady Guns Global launched and we have read about 12 incredible women, all with inspiring things to say about their lives, careers and those they admire.

Nominations have come in from current lady guns and those who found Lady Guns Global on their own. I know that I've created this space for a reason when I get an email signed, "Thanks for letting me voice how much I appreciate [my friend.]" I can't wait to read more of your nominations -- they make my heart soar!

@LadyGunsGlobal social following is growing and there's been such amazing feedback all around. Please continue to follow @ladyguns on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for updates on the newest lady guns.

Let Lady Guns Global help you recognize the women in your life by sending over an email or using the Nominate! page. Thank you for all of your support so far. Here's to growing together and inspiring one another!

Show us your #LadyGuns!

Raydene Salinas, Founder


Lady Guns Global Launch

Today is the day! The official launch of Lady Guns, fittingly on International Women's Day (March 8) 2015.

Lady Guns is a new platform, recognizing talented, driven women from across the globe, working in a variety of fields with diverse backgrounds and experiences. It was launched by me, Raydene Salinas, with the support of more than 30 of the Lady Guns in my life.

This idea had been brewing for a long time before today's launch; with no name, platform or fully formed ideas of any kind, just the want to recognize the women in my life. I knew that the ladies in my life were talented, powerful, kind, and humble individuals, but nothing could have prepared me for some of the responses I got to very standard questions.

"What do you do for love?" and "Who is a lady you admire/consider a mentor?" were the two questions which the responses floored me. In some cases, I felt like I didn't know the woman who I've known for years, thinking, "How could you not tell me that you volunteer regularly at a home for mentally disabled or orphaned children? You should shout that from the rooftops. But not to worry, I WILL!" After hearing numerous other examples like this one, I knew that this was exactly what I needed to be doing.

So, here you are world, the first group of Lady Guns who deserve your applause! Please show your support for the lady guns in your life and nominate them to be featured on our site.

Annji Mandersheid, Emily Shornick, Abbie Klenzman, Julee Wilson Wareham, Angela Denae

Annji Mandersheid, Emily Shornick, Abbie Klenzman, Julee Wilson Wareham, Angela Denae

Other info you should know:

Definition: lady gun | ˈlādē gən | (noun, informal): an important or powerful woman who has inspired another, with or without knowing that she has : My mother has been a lady gun since before I was born.

Photo: Eric T. White

Photo: Eric T. White

Share with us the women you want to recognize as lady guns and we'll work with you to feature them on our site. Find Lady Guns Global all over social media and email us with nominations and questions at ladygunsglobal[at]gmail.com. We look forward to hear from you soon!

Show us your #LadyGuns!

Raydene Salinas, Founder