Women Across The Internet: Week 2

Women Across The Internet is a weekly compilation of what (and who) you should know about on the interwebs. Each week we'll gather six stories and/or sites that you should be sure to check out immediately (or Pocket for your lunch break). Get to know the women involved and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Midweek Motivation: 3 Women Who Are Changing the World by Rachel Brown | Darling 

12 Badass Women Whom History Forgot by Taylor Pittman | The Huffington Post

Free Tampons Are Coming to 25 NYC Public Schools by Emma Whitford | Gothamist

•  27 Hot New Body Insecurities for Spring by Jamie Lauren Keiles | The Cut

Meet Two Women Bringing Latin American Designers to the US Fashion Scene by Amelia Diamond | Man Repeller

Why America's Most Powerful CEOs Are Also The Coolest | Career Contessa