Writer & Editor at NYC In Your 20s

"I am on staff as a writer/editor for NYC In Your 20s, a vibrant and fun online magazine geared towards young New Yorkers. NYC In Your 20s is the city's ultimate guide to restaurants, theater, bars, fashion, music, nightlife and insider deals."

WHAT SHE DOES FOR LOVE: "I am an actor - acting is my lifeblood. The joy I derive from writing, creating and collaborating with others on the craft is indescribable. I also love food - I love cooking, baking, eating and will shamelessly use any opportunity to try something new. In fact, this nomination is the perfect celebratory reason to try a new restaurant tonight... and then pay it forward with a review on NYC In Your 20s!"

HER 2015 GOAL: "I'm currently in the research stages of a book I'm writing with friend and fellow actor, Venessa Hall. I'd love to have a rough first draft completed by the end of this year."

A LADY SHE ADMIRES: "Venessa Hall is my friend, roommate and sister in Christ and she is one of the strongest young women I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She and I were in the same class our first year at drama school, during which time I learned a lot about her history. This little ray of chatty, bubbly sunshine has endured experiences so off-the-wall extraordinary, not even the most vivid imagination could make them up. On paper, Venessa is textbook material for someone who would understandably be filled with bitterness, anger and regret. But she defies those odds - she is one of many exceptional women we all know but rarely hear about, whose passion for helping others over and above herself and genuine love for humanity makes you realize that angels do exist, if only you pay attention. For three years I begged her to let me write about her life and share her testimony with others, and she finally acquiesced in the fall of 2014 after a chance encounter with an angel of her own. She is such an inspiration and I want other people to be encouraged by her outlook and approach to life as much as I have and continue to be."


"  I've lived in Manhattan (Harlem) for a few years, but was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas." |   Photo:   Justin Nieto

"I've lived in Manhattan (Harlem) for a few years, but was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas." | Photo: Justin Nieto

NOMINATED BY: Tara Cannistraci

WHY SHE'S A LADY GUN: "How often do women genuinely compliment other women, and when they don't even know them? Not enough! This is what makes Dana Ferguson a fellow Lady Gun. She was a woman in an audience, a stranger, who saw in me what I couldn't even see in myself and she didn't stay silent. Her inclination to encourage me was astounding and my appreciation made us fast friends. She recently won the Best Actress Award at Widescreen Film Festival for the short film, "Passage". Her talent matches her most beautiful attribute, her heart. When Dana pulls the trigger, she aims to inspire, and hits her target every time."

HER INITIAL REACTION TO HER LADY GUNS NOMINATION: "WOW, WOW, WOW!! What an astounding honor -- I'm totally gobsmacked!! What an extraordinary way for women to encourage and support other women. I am so honored! I will never forget seeing Tara on the stage, working the room with her stand up routine. She was transformative. I was in absolute stitches the entire time and that kind of gift deserves commendation. I feel blessed to have found a friend in her and beyond humbled by her recognition."

ON SELF-REFLECTION AND GROWTH: "Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to work. I love burning the midnight oil, writing, working on scripts, editing, being creative and busy and having tons of deadlines. In truth, the more projects I have going on at one time and the more chaotic my work life, the better I function!  However, some personal challenges in the middle of 2014 forced me to scale back my workload. It was one of the most frustrating experiences I can recall in recent years. But that break afforded me the very necessary opportunity I needed for self-reflection and growth, along with the chance to really develop and mature in my faith. As torturous as it was to streamline the chaos in my life at the time, I appreciate now how much clarity and depth it has brought to my work and my life in general, and for that I am grateful."

ON HEALTH: "Drink water! Lots and lots of water! And take breaks - set out at least one day in every month where you deliberately unplug from life and put yourself first. Your mind and your soul will thank you for it - and your family, friends and loved ones will appreciate you all the more because of it, guaranteed!"

Photo: Courtesy Dana Ferguson

Photo: Courtesy Dana Ferguson

Photo: Courtesy Dana Ferguson

Photo: Courtesy Dana Ferguson

Photo:   Jay Manne

Photo: Jay Manne