Lifestyle Editor at Mic

"I'm currently overseeing our Connections section (dating! relationships! friendship! sex!) with an eye on covering more lifestyle topics in the future."

WHAT SHE DOES FOR LOVE: "I spend most of my downtime opening more tabs and Pocket'ing more articles to read than I can ever possibly tackle, then hanging with my dear friends in NYC talking about said articles. (Luckily, this definitely crosses over into the "what I do for money" bit.) When that makes my brain too full, you can find me exploring workout studios throughout the city via ClassPass."

ON HER STYLE + BEAUTY: "In my wise old age, I'm starting to appreciate the value of "uniform" dressing — embracing my penchant for all things black, gray and army green, and the wonders a pair of black moto boots and a collection of black and gray sweaters can do. I wish I could say I trendily punch this uniform up with a red lip or that oh-so-easy 'swipe' of black liquid eyeliner, but more realistically I accessorize it with the trendy bags under my eyes."

HER 2015 GOAL: "My goal in 2015 is to reinterpret the phrase 'work-life' balance for myself — work isn't separate from my life but rather just one element of it. I want to spend this year embracing non-work related passions, mainly getting active in organizations I care about, to round out that "life" that, yes, includes work, but also includes so much more."

A LADY SHE ADMIRES: "From a distance, these days I'm admiring successful women who didn't have it all figured out in their early twenties, and whose success maybe even came later -- Amy Poehler's a big one for me. Yes, she scored "SNL" by age 30. But in her twenties, that wasn't a sure thing, and she certainly didn't reach peak success by 30. Being young and ambitious in NYC, we forget that we have time to grow, change our minds, rise slow but steadily. Women like Poehler comfortingly remind me it doesn't all have to happen in your twenties."

More than ever I’m trying to appreciate the small happy moments, including walking carefree down a sunny city street. That, for me, is pure happiness.
— Ellie Krupnick