10 Steps To Finding Your Purpose -- What My Life Coach Taught Me

Written by Natalie Fairchild


What is my purpose? 

This is the question posed in the Letter From The Editor in our first issue of Made Of. You may often find yourself searching for answers to this question. A close friend, and absolute lady gun, is here to share her simple suggestions to help us all find our purpose, or at least get one step closer. Below is at list of what Natalie Fairchild learned from working with her life coach, Annie Lin of New York Life Coaching. "These [are] lessons I try to keep close and share as much as possible," she tells Made Of. We're so grateful to have Natalie share them with us for our inaugural issue!

1. Meditate regularly to strengthen your inner voice listening skills.

With all of the outside noise of life, it can be difficult to pay attention to your inner compass. Mediation strengthens the muscle to tune into yourself, which is where all the answers of life’s journey and purpose are derived.

2. Realize you are exactly where you should be right now.

It’s only through being present and learning the lesson that life is giving us at the present moment that we can move on to the next lesson, which will lead you one step closer to realizing your purpose.

3. Do not compare yourself to others.

Your unique self is perfect in its own way. Know that the qualities you admire in others are balanced by challenges in their lives that you may not see. There are petunias and there are roses. Don’t try to be a petunia when you are a rose. Accept yourself as the beautiful rose you are.

4. Be curious and ask questions.

Your mind works like Google. If you ask the questions and remain open and curious, answers will come. Remember that where attention flows, energy goes. 

5. Create a container system to catch what your mind produces.

A journal is a common example, but this could also be a blog, scrapbook, or piggybank filled with notes. When you record your thoughts, you can see what you are thinking and observe patterns of questions, ideas, and inspiration. So be sure to look back through your chosen container every so often as well.

6. Surround yourself with people who have qualities that you admire and want to strengthen in yourself.

We are most influenced by the people in our inner circle. Be mindful of the people with whom you spend most of your time, as they have a real impact on your life. These people should build you up, allowing your best self to shine through. And the same should be true for them of you. This reciprocation builds strong bonds in your personal community.

7. Continue learning from spiritual teachers or authors who have become experts in areas in which you strive to improve.

Just as a loving supportive network positively influences you, supporting a constant flow of perspective is key in guiding your true path for which you are purposed.

8. Be thankful.

Gratitude brings happiness and joy, as well as creates a higher energetic vibration.

Editor's note: A lovely way to track what you're thankful for is Gratefulness. You have the option to be prompted via text to jot down what you're grateful for throughout the day and week, as well as type it directly on the site when logged in. Gratefulness records everything on your personal (private) profile and sends you an email at the end of each week to remind you what you were grateful for over the past seven days.

9. Take one step at a time.

Think of change and finding clarity in the form of baby steps rather than seismic shifts. Once you add up all of those tiny steps, you'll notice you've come along way on your journey, perhaps even with the distinct lack of overwhelm that big shifts can cause.

10. Practice self care.

Exercise and eat foods that will give your body energy. Drink alcohol in moderation. Get enough sleep. And breathe. This is a process that will take time. Have patience with yourself as you treat your mind and body well.