Photo: David Sarmiento

Photo: David Sarmiento


New York | New York

Photo Editor, Freelance Writer and Founder of Gallery Gurls

WHAT SHE DOES FOR LOVE: My website Gallery Gurls is a digital space I founded to celebrate women in the art world. Gallery Gurls is totally intersectional, where I profile women of all backgrounds, working in all disciplines. Subjects range from emerging to established artists, to curators, gallerists, art world influencers, etc. Gallery Gurls is a platform to highlight women impacting and sparking change in New York and beyond.

A LADY SHE ADMIRES: My grandmother, an Afro-Caribbean immigrant from the Dominican Republic who was born in 1920 and arrived in New York in the late 60s. She is the matriarch of our family and brought my mother and her siblings in the early 70s. All of us (the first-generation kids born here in NY) grew up around strong, loving, nurturing mothers and fathers. What little we had was enough. Don't let the current US administration tell you that Latinx families are lazy, unproductive, and don't want to live a great life in the US. I am here because of my grandmother, and I honor her and love her for that.

ADVICE FOR FELLOW LADY GUNS: Just keep going on your creative journey, do daily small efforts, they will turn into larger efforts. Think about the advantages and relationships you already have and maximize them into something larger.

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What is one thing you do every morning/night that makes your day feel complete?

Hate to be that person, but grabbing my phone and scrolling through my social media accounts. It's the first and last thing I do everyday.

When and/or where do you feel most energized?

After a run, it's the best.

What keeps you focused or inspired?

Constantly seeing art, reading articles, traveling, actually finishing books that I read.

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What do you do or who do you turn to when you need creative inspiration?

I just peruse my personal library. I've been collecting art/fashion coffeetable books since the early 2000s. I always have a stack of unread international fashion magazines that I have to go through.

How do you build yourself up after self-doubt or adversity?

I'm starting to just trust myself - it always works out for me somehow.

What does success mean to you?

Healthy body, opportunities that come my way, doing what I do year after year with no interruption.

What makes 'It' "worth it"? Why do you do what you do?

Longevity and the amazing relationships that I've gained because of my writing and website.

RECOMMENDATIONS IN HER CITY: Housing Works is like my personal fashion haven, where I constantly find incredible designer and vintage pieces. I've been shopping there for over a decade at their 15+ locations all over New York City. Housing Works is a pioneering advocacy organization that works to ends AIDS and homelessness and have been to committed to LGBTQ causes since day one.

Visual AIDS is also near and dear to my heart, they empower artists living with HIV/AIDS and use contemporary art as tool to fight the stigma of HIV/AIDS. I curated a web gallery for them back in 2016 and it was so incredibly fulfilling.

Also my Instagram buddy Barbara Calderon is an art worker and arts writer, she makes the coolest DIY chokers (@sadsirenashop), which I'm so obsessed with.

READING RECOMMENDATIONS: Lenny Letter; Jazz by Toni Morrison; The Last Party: Studio 54, Disco, and the Culture of the Night; Grace: A Memoir; Pat Cleveland: Walking with the Muses; Phoebe Robinson: You Can't Touch my Hair; Top Rank Magazine and their podcast. A NYT article on Toyin Ojih Odutola and Yaa Gyasi, and just too many saved articles in my Facebook account.

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