Co-founders of Wanderable

We are the co-founders of Wanderable, a honeymoon registry startup that allows couples to register for travel experiences. We created Wanderable knowing we wanted to focus on travel experiences -- travel is a huge, fragmented market, and more importantly, contains many problems that everyone faces whenever they plan vacations: Where should I go? What should I do? What activities and experiences do I want and which merchants should I trust?  Wanderable helps couples plan and go on the trip of a lifetime.

WHAT THEY DO FOR LOVE: It’s only natural that we both love to travel. And thankfully, our team is always on the lookout for the best travel experiences, so it’s like we always have the hottest insider tips for the best places to visit

THEIR STYLE + BEAUTY: We both dress for comfort, but that’s probably where the similarities end.

Jenny: My daily uniform is a funny t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Marcela: I tend to like skirts and ruffles, and I’m always on the lookout for comfortable high-heeled shoes. 

Photo: Courtesy Jenny Chen and Marcela Miyazawa

Photo: Courtesy Jenny Chen and Marcela Miyazawa

NOMINATED BY: Ilana Baumwald

WHY THEY ARE LADY GUNS: "Jenny Chen is our amazing co-founder. She founded Wanderable, a new honeymoon registry start-up that allows couples to register for experiences over things, in 2013. Jenny motivates us everyday and states 'you will only go as far as you drive yourself.'"

"Marcela is our other incredible co-founder. Marcela is brilliant, is on our engineering team, and helps motivate us to work hard everyday."

(They also have a beautiful Instagram account!)

THEIR INITIAL REACTION TO THEIR LADY GUNS NOMINATION: We are thrilled to have been nominated as Lady Guns. When we found out about the nomination, we immediately went to read the stories of other Lady Guns that have been featured - we're honored to be included in this select group of strong women.

WHAT THEY DO FOR MONEY: Jenny: My experience at AWS was great preparation for everything I’ve had to build here at Wanderable: business transactions, payment processing, merchant portals, consumer features, etc.  On a daily basis, I handle our operations and engineering projects and make sure that the site is stable and services customers well.

Marcela: As a co-founder of a startup, you find yourself doing all sorts of things you never imagined. At Wanderable, I’ve done work related to my past experience in product, but have also been the visual designer, the front-end engineer, and the customer service agent in the past. I’ve had to research printing companies and learn about different kinds and weights of paper for Wanderable. It’s been an incredible experience to see Wanderable grow.

THEIR 2015 GOALS: Personally, we’d both like to plan another big trip in the next year. In launching our network of Experience Providers, we’ve discovered all these amazing activities that are now filling up our bucket lists: a private cruise in Indonesia, touring wine country in Spain, and a rice paper-making workshop in Vietnam.

We also have big improvements lined up for Wanderable. Our team is working hard to deliver product updates that will help couples discover and plan their trip together and then share their excitement with friends and family through their beautifully-designed registry.

MARCELA ON TRAVEL: I believe everyone should seek new experiences, whether it’s traveling near or far. Travel is a chance to meet people with vastly different perspectives -- I learned from villagers in Bhutan about the challenges of moving from a monarchy to a democracy and college students in Myanmar about how universities are located far from urban areas to make social revolts more difficult. Travel is also a chance to connect at a deeper level with friends and family -- some of my favorite conversations have been on long road trips and during meals that go off into the night with a bottle of wine.  And travel renews your childhood sense of wonder at the world -- when you stare in awe at the bright stars in the Sahara desert, walk into temples carved out of a mountain side in India, and cheer for the tiny sea turtles as they make their way into the water for the first time.