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WHAT SHE DOES FOR LOVE: I am a domestic diva. I love to cook, host dinner parties, decorate my apartment and do crafts.

HER STYLE + BEAUTY: Besides my signature cat-eye glasses (yes, they're prescription), there are three parts of my look that I always have on, and I've even made a checklist printed t-shirt dedicated to my beauty mantra: Red lipstick! Red nail polish! Black eyeliner!

HER 2015 GOALS: Fall in love, pay off my credit cards, see a stranger on the subway wearing my designs.

LADIES SHE ADMIRES: My mom, who laughs at my jokes, listens to my daily craziness and keeps me sane and logical, talking out all of my problems - personally or professionally - every night on the phone. I can’t wait to be able to hire her. And also Gwen Stefani, who was my inspiration for my initial creativeness in fashion and is just the raddest. (It should be noted that I only know one of these women personally.)

NOMINATED BY: Jamie Feldman

WHY SHE’S A LADY GUN: I met Julie on a cruise when I was in high school and she told me she wanted to be a fashion designer. Fast forward to years later, Julie ended up going to Pratt and living her dream of becoming a designer who has made clothes for Katy Perry and a slew of other musicians/celebs. She also has her own '50s inspired line. Not to mention she has the COOLEST apartment ever. She is a total lady gun!

HER INITIAL REACTION TO HER LADY GUNS NOMINATION: What? Awesome! What's a lady gun?! Jamie is so cool. This looks cool.

RECOMMENDATIONS IN HER CITY: Slapback! A neo-vintage boutique in Williamsburg that I work closely with. Slapback hosts my seasonal launch party for my fashion collections and carries my line. It’s more than just a store. I find myself hanging out on the red couch in the back of the store at least once a week. It’s become a community for girls who are all into the same neo-vintage vibe.

Smorgasburg/Brooklyn Flea. I always bring friends to Smorg when they’re in town to eat and support the people behind the brand in real life, and whenever I have holiday shopping/shopping for a styling gig to do I always hit the fleas first. I love meeting other small designers who hustle. It’s nice to know that you’re not alone out there and that when you purchase something from them, you know exactly who you’re helping. It’s great.

ON SELF-MOTIVATING: My biggest design hero really disappointed me right around the time I graduated college. I don't want to name names, but it was personal, and it was messed up. Watching her business fail and seeing how one company was run poorly made me really want to do it on my own and prove it to myself. This industry is really mean. I work for myself 24/7 so that I don’t have to work for anyone else. I can’t imagine putting in as much time and effort to your career when your own name/brand/company isn’t benefiting.

WISDOM FOR OTHER LADY GUNS: There are two mottos that I think of every day and are the fuel behind my brand/personality/drive: “If it's not fun, why do it?” and “You have nothing to lose.”

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