Artwork by Valeria Molinari

Artwork by Valeria Molinari


Raydene Salinas

Letter From The Editor

I sometimes wonder how my life will impact the world, how it already has, how I can make a difference that will last long after I’ve gone. Perhaps you do too. You might ask: How can a single life, one small human, influence the world in any significant way? But it can. I can. You can. Think about each day that you live, how many people you encounter, directly or indirectly, each of those people are impacted by your presence, whether it's in a big way or small one. Now imagine coming into your power and actively seeking ways to transform the world around you. You are already making a difference.

The autumn issue of Made Of incorporates the theme of impact. I felt it was important that this issue include women working in a variety of fields, because they offer examples of the myriad ways we can intentionally, positively impact our planet. Our cover is a hand-embroidered illustration made by Argentinian artist, Valeria Molinari. This piece was created as a reminder to herself, one she needs everyday. She hopes it speaks to any one of you who has been raped, sexually assaulted or abused -- that it will remind you too that, truly, it's not your fault. She’s provided free downloads, so you can keep it as a reminder wherever you’ll see it often. Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting Alice MinSoo Chun and Stacey Kelly, the co-founders of Solight Design, at City Bakery coffee shop in New York City. They are the women behind the solarpuff, which is safely lighting the way for refugees escaping hardships, illuminating homes for children to do their homework in places without electricity, and building women-run small businesses in developing countries. I can hardly wait for you to read the piece to learn more about their company and how you can get involved, even by simply buying a beautifully designed light for your home. Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam and her team are transforming the way we screen for cervical cancer by reimagining reproductive technology, impacting women across the world. And finally we compiled a list of ways you can make your own impact in the lives of those who have been affected by the recent natural disasters, in the U.S. and around the globe.


Made Of: Impact

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These Women Are Making A Global Impact With The Help Of The Sun

Written by Raydene Salinas


How You Can Help Those Who've Been Impacted By The Recent Natural Disasters

Written by Lady Guns Global Staff



Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam Is The Woman Who's Changing The Way We Screen For Cervical Cancer


Written by Raydene Salinas


Artist Valeria Molinari Has An Important Message For Survivors of Abuse, Assault, Rape

Artwork by Valeria Molinari



Contributors + Thanks

Big thanks to this month's illustrator, Valeria Molinari and uber-supporter Emily Mason, who made the introduction to Dr. Nimmi Ramanujam and her team of engineers making a big impact in women's health.

With Issue 2 in the books, we're so grateful for your support.