Brooklyn | New York

Creative Professional in Production

WHAT SHE DOES FOR LOVE: Editor-in-Chief of Atlas Magazine (see the latest issue here!), Hobbyist Baker

LADIES SHE ADMIRES: Lina Wahlgren (who I think you've already featured!), and Tahra Collins–– someone who took a chance on me in an unforgettable and life changing way.

HER GOALS: Short Term: Get through this year's issues of Atlas!
Long Term: Have a dedicated and passionate full team to work through the magazine with... and learn how to bake macarons.

RECOMMENDATIONS IN HER CITY: Jam Jar Bakery/Abigail's Bake Shop and Butter & Scotch

READING RECOMMENDATIONS: I'm quite impressed with the content that Teen Vogue has been putting out lately! I want to see more young publications and writers empowered the way their team is.

ADVICE FOR FELLOW LADY GUNS: Whatever you're doing, make sure you love it and it's worth it to you. If it's worth it even on the hardest, worst days–– it's what you should be doing.


WHY SHE’S A LADY GUN: "I'm reaching out to nominate Megan Breukelman as a Lady Gun. She founded Atlas Magazine, a digital (and formerly print) fashion magazine and daily content website when she was in college and even after graduating has kept it going strong and is moving it in a direction for more diversity and inclusivity. On top of that, she's held internships at Michael Kors, Elite Model Management, ELLE Magazine, she graduated with honors AND she is now working at the coolest photography agency in NYC, while keeping up the mag! Her hardcore work ethic and ability to remain cool and relaxed about it all make her a perfect Lady Gun."


WHY SHE’S A LADY GUN: "I'm reaching out to suggest my founding partner, Megan Breukelman, as a Lady Gun. She co-founded Atlas Magazine with me, which ran in print and is currently a digital publication. She is based in Brooklyn and acts as Editor-in-Chief, while also working in production. She is a total Lady Gun!"

HER INITIAL REACTION TO HER LADY GUNS NOMINATION: So grateful! I have the most wonderful and supportive friends.

Covers courtesy of Atlas Magazine

Covers courtesy of Atlas Magazine

What is one thing you do every morning/night that makes your day feel complete?

Check on Atlas' submissions to see what marvelous work has come through for that day!

When and/or where do you feel most energized?

Saturday mornings! I have two whole days ahead of me to get whatever is on my plate, off it–– and put something delicious on my plate, instead.

What is your favorite thing about your workspace?

Fairy lights around my desk that my boyfriend set up, leaving a warm glow around a cold, computer-lit space.

What keeps you focused or inspired?

Other people's work. The whole point of Atlas Magazine is to show off the work of other creatives and I truly live for it. I've loved having work experience in agencies, magazines, etc. because it's all about promoting these truly talented individuals.

Courtesy of Atlas Magazine

Courtesy of Atlas Magazine

Courtesy of Atlas Magazine

Courtesy of Atlas Magazine

What do you do or who do you turn to when you need creative inspiration?

I look at independent magazines; not a lot of the larger names are that exciting to me right now, but some of my favorite titles are Four & Sons (niche dog magazine), MC1R (redheads magazine), and Mastermind (a collectable fashion magazine).

How do you build yourself up after self-doubt or adversity?

Music! Music music music. It always helps. My favorite pump up jams are anywhere from Drake to Sia to Stevie Wonder.

What is a challenge you've overcome, personally or professionally, to get to where you are today?

I've moved to New York from my home in Ontario, and it's really difficult to be away from so much there that I miss sometimes. But I've done it with a purpose, and I know that my new home in Brooklyn is the right place to be.

What has been your biggest sacrifice?

Sleep. I just know the years of no sleep I've put on myself are going to catch up to me. Even as early as right after college my body started to nope out of late nights!

What does success mean to you?

Happiness with yourself, pride in your work and appreciation for those that help achieve those measurements of success.

Check out the latest issue of Atlas Magazine here! Some sneak peeks below:

Courtesy of Atlas Magazine

Courtesy of Atlas Magazine

Courtesy of Atlas Magazine

Courtesy of Atlas Magazine

Courtesy of Atlas Magazine

Courtesy of Atlas Magazine

Follow her and Atlas Magazine on Instagram:  @meganbreukelman and @theatlasmagazine