Fashion Editor at HuffPost Style

WHAT SHE DOES FOR LOVE: "I love spending time with my friends and family and eating really delicious food."

HER BEAUTY: "The most important part of my beauty routine is sleep and soaking up as much vitamin D as I can. I always look and feel my best after a good night's rest and a few hours in the sun (covered in SPF, of course)."

HER 2015 GOAL: "Travel. As much as humanly possible. And make sure the people I love know how much I love them."

A LADY SHE ADMIRES: "My first boss at The Huffington Post, Margaret Wheeler Johnson. She took a chance on me, hiring me right out of college, and made me feel valuable from the second I stepped into the newsroom. She not only empowered me, but she empowered every single woman we featured in the Women's section. Now that's a #ladygun."

Photo: Raydene Salinas

Photo: Raydene Salinas