PR Account Director at CerconeBrownCompany

WHAT SHE DOES FOR LOVE: My two children and my husband are my pride and joy. I can’t imagine anything more satisfying [than] spending time with those I love and finding ways to make them happy. My faith is also very important to me so contributing and volunteering at our church is a big part of my family’s life. 

HER STYLE + BEAUTY: I have always been more “preppy” than trendy, but for me, my style has evolved into classic. I like flattering cuts and simplicity, well-made, classically styled and “me.” Feel free to call me basic, but I know what works for me. In terms of beauty products, I cannot live without tinted moisturizer and a smooth liner, but that’s about it. For my hair, I have never loved a product as much as Living Proof. I love the smell and I love how smooth and manageable it makes my (very thick and unruly) hair.

A LADY SHE ADMIRES: My mentor for life is my Nana. That woman is far more inspiring than she will ever realize. She raised three children on her own in a time when it was not common. She was a feminist without realizing it and she continues to work hard and inspire her family on a daily basis. She is a woman of faith and integrity and truly beautiful inside and out. She taught me early on that standing your ground without losing your compassion for others is super important, to pray with conviction and to always wear sunscreen.

HER 2016 GOALS: To be more present. Balancing being a mom and a busy career can be challenging, but I know that moments with my children are precious .I want to make sure -- whether it’s with them, my husband or my friends and family -- that I am focused completely on who I’m with. And ok fine... I want to continue to kick ass on a work level too!

NOMINATED BY: Alexander Kaufman

WHY SHE’S A LADY GUN: "Noelle can handle anything. As a marketing executive, she [helped create and runs] program for her firm, Cercone Brown. In it, she brings together editors from top publications and products from her clients for a week-long [event in] Utah, Nantucket or Santa Barbara. She jets around the country and yet still finds time to FaceTime her two beautiful sons, even when she's hours behind them. As a mother, she's adoring, attentive and kind. And as a wife, I've never seen someone treat their husband with such admiration and love. She's living proof that women can, in fact, 'have it all.'"

HER INITIAL REACTION TO HER LADY GUNS NOMINATION: I am incredibly flattered to be in such great company and of course ecstatic that my little brother nominated me..he has always encouraged and supported me and I adore him for it and so much more.

ON MENTORSHIP: I think investing in and mentoring young people is so, so important both professionally and on a volunteer level. At the end of the day, everyone is looking for someone to listen and take interest in them.

RECOMMENDATIONS IN HER CITY: Atomic Café is my number one favorite coffee shop. It’s a perfect place to mingle with people in the neighborhood, get a great coffee and get some work done. And I love Beverly Bootstraps, they are a local food bank that has such a positive impact on needy families in our community in a huge way.

ON HEALTH + FITNESS + HAPPINESS: I think an incredible thing happens at a certain time in your life (for me it was after I had children) when a light bulb goes off and you begin to be the most comfortable in your own skin. I’ve learned to appreciate my own strength. Fitness and health are very important to me, and while my motivation used to be achieving my lowest weight, it has now evolved into enhancing my overall health, being the best me I can be, and pushing my physical limits. I feel most beautiful when I’m natural (make-up free, hair in a pony), in my happiest place (for me that’s Nantucket) and holding my sons’ hands.

ON THE CRITICS: I can seem tougher on the outside than I am on the inside [and] I tend to take things to heart. Understand that you can’t make everyone happy and that you will always have critics. Be confident that others’ opinions are no reflection of who you are as a professional or as a person (I’m still working on that). I’ve been underestimated (as I know many women have) and that is a challenge I am always happy to take on. I love surprising people.

ADVICE FOR FELLOW LADY GUNS: There is this awful culture of jealousy around women. As women, it seems more often we’re tearing each other down than [we're] building each other up. I’ve seen this so much professionally and personally. No one is harder on moms than other moms. So I would say this: we’re better together. The more you build up those around you, the more you grow as a woman. Encourage, inspire, dream and work hard at what you love -- it’s worth it!

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