Founder of Blu Salt

"Blu Salt is a new line on carry products designed for the Thinking Woman that embody the peace that comes with deliberate simplicity."

WHAT SHE DOES FOR LOVE: "I have been fortunate enough to be able to do what I love, which is to make a product that leaves the world a little better off for having been made - the very tenets of Mindful Production, Mindful Consumption."

HER 2015 GOALS: "Professionally, I just launched my business in late 2014 so I’d like to achieve more brand recognition for Blu Salt in 2015. Personally, I try to choose something about myself I’d like to work on – in 2015, I am trying to work more concretely towards increasing my patience."

Photo: Courtesy Rohini Shah

Photo: Courtesy Rohini Shah


WHY SHE'S A LADY GUN: "Rohini is a classmate of mine from business school. We met through a friend who was warm and bubbly and extroverted...I was actually terrified of Rohini at first. She is razor sharp - intellectually brilliant, but also very sparing with her words save for a dry wit. That was her first gift to me - pushing back on my assumptions that people should fit a particular model of extroversion, and my associated prejudices. My friendship with her has given me a model for courage in so many aspects of life - how to build your own career when you don't really fit into existing models/job openings, how to dream big, how to be a parent without sacrificing your existing identity, how to laugh about the demands of kids on work/life balance, how to be graceful and unyielding at the same time in situations of discrimination (which she faces more than me, being a non-US born woman of color in entrepreneurial circles). She encouraged and supported my launching my own consulting practice, when I was afraid to take that risk; she continues to push me to follow my creative pursuits even as I struggle to juggle existing balls. She is never afraid to be honest with me about how tough life can be, and how important it is to not let that stop you - she is the peer who pushes you to be your best self, and allows herself to be vulnerable in exchange."

HER INITIAL REACTION TO HER LADY GUN NOMINATION: "I was so touched when I read what Shana wrote about me, I re-read it a couple of times – it’s definitely made my day! For most of our lives, we forget the impact we have on everyone around us (near and far), it’s humbling to realize that you can have an impact on others and reminds us of the responsibility we have with that."

A LADY SHE ADMIRES: "Mona Shah is my husband’s cousin and someone I admire deeply. She owns her own PR agency in Orange County specializing in local cuisine and artisanal shops called Moxxe PR. Last year, she also became the mother of adorable twins. I’ve known Mona for a long time and have seen her face tremendous hardships in her personal life. She has dealt with them with admirable panache, and has become stronger because of them. Mona is never one to feel sorry for herself, and her self-discipline is incredible. Yet, she is warm and supportive, and the first to understand human failing. That ability to always make anyone feel special without judgment is what draws people to her. She’s an accomplished business woman, wife, mother, sister, friend and humanitarian. I am truly privileged to know her."