Afroista: The People's Muse

I wear various hats, depending on the day. I do marketing for Dyekora Sumda Midwifery Services. Others may know me as Afroista: The People's Muse, where I can explore various creative paths, such as modeling, hair modeling or styling, being a creative director or producer.

HER STYLE + BEAUTY: I'm known by my Afro and eclectic style. My body is my canvas; I use my clothes and various hairstyles as my medium. I enjoy pushing myself out the box and my own comfort zone.

HER 2015 GOALS: I have a checklist that I'm chanting to manifest!!! [Ones] that come to mind are to create at least two episodes -- shhhh, stay tuned -- and complete various workshops so that I can better support myself and my community.

LADIES SHE ADMIRES: I am blessed to be surrounded by divine beings that challenge me to sharpen and develop my tools. I admire many Wombman for various reason, and need to give thanks to Memaniye (my boss) and Gem (my mother) -- I'm grateful for who you are and how you have aided in my development.