Inspiration To Find Your Seat At The Table From Women Who Have

Written by The Women at the Table | Photography by Seher

An email with the subject line “celebration! i made a book with 61 rad women.” arrived in our inbox and we were immediately intrigued. Who were these women? What made them rad? Tell us everything. We love rad women! This message, with its incredible contents, was sent by photographer, and rad woman herself, Seher Sikander alerting us to her most recent project called, Testimonies From The Table. After being inspired by Solange’s album A Seat At The Table, she formed the idea, which took the form of a book and was created to offer a place for 61 black women to tell their own stories “illuminating and honoring [their] lived experiences in America.” Seher photographed portraits of each woman and pasted the polaroids in a scrapbook, to be decorated with the written words and doodles of each woman. The beautiful bound collection was gifted to Solange after her performance piece at the Guggenheim.

Beyond simply sharing the project, we wanted to get to know some of the women in the book and a few generously offered their thoughts on taking part in Testimonies From The Table and shared more about themselves and how they thrive as black women in our world.


"Stale, limiting, offensive

media images of Black women.

They're harmful and boring.

We deserve to be seen, fully."


"I accept myself fully.

I trust myself fully.

I am certain of myself fully.

I am self-expressed, fully."


"Grace & gratitude are the keys

to unlocking every aspect of the life I want."


"My light is not your darkness.

I cannot and will not

manage your insecurities."

See the rest of Testimonies From The Table here and sift though a few more pages below.